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A brighter approach to education


Google Training

Training on how to use Google’s products to enhance teaching and learning.


Free Tech for Teaching

Empowering teachers to utilise free web based services in the classroom.


Engaging Course Design

Working with organisations to develop engaging courses using technology.


Management Approaches

Strategies and techniques to continually maximize program quality


Content Based Learning

Social/global justice and critical/current events content development


Academic Research Consultancy

Advice and training on conducting academic research

Who we are

Squished Learning provides educational training and consultancy to educators and educational institutions.


Our aim is to positively impact educators and organisations in order to enable them to take a diverse approach to teaching and learning. We believe that learning should be accessible to everyone, empowering and current, which is why we offer training for educators and organisations on how to enhance course/curriculum design, materials design, technology usage, content development and management strategies to improve students’ access, personal development, engagement and overall educational experience.


  • Increased Participation 88%
  • Increased Engagement 85%
  • Increased Access 90%
  • Increased Inclusion 87%

Meet the Team

A group of passionate educators and consultants
Adriano Quieti

Adriano Quieti


  • Educational Technologist
  • Materials Designer
  • Course Designer
  • Google Products Supporter
  • Cloud Based Solutions Promoter
Joseph Serrani

Joseph Serrani

Trainer / Consultant

  • Social Justice Content Specialist
  • Technology Enthusiast
  • Learning Efficiencies Pro
  • Quality Improvement Advisor
Alexander Nanni

Alexander Nanni

Trainer / Consultant

  • Curriculum Advisor
  • EFL/ESL/EAP Specialist
  • Academic Writing Trainer
  • Course Designer


Training and Consultancy Locations

Our team can assist you in the UK and Southeast Asia.


United Kingdom

Tech for Teaching

A collection of great tech to enhance teaching and learning. For more tech for teaching, click here!


The Disruptive Potential of Mobile Devices

The aim of this study is to investigate whether mobile devices have the potential to be a disruptive innovation for language teaching and learning and what form that disruption may take

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