Weebly is a nice simple site that lets you create your own website for free.





Soop.it is great easy way to publish content on an area of interested. Even simpler than a blog.






WordPress is of the worlds top blogging platforms. You can host your own blog with them for free, or you can run WordPress on your own hosting and have more control.




 Simple Booklet

Simply Booklet lets anyone create a digital book and embed it on anything you want: social networks, blogs, etc. A very nice easy to use tool.




Mailchimp is great site for creating, sending and tracking email newsletter all for free.





Ipadio is a site that lets you create your own audio/phone blog (phlog). You can call into the site or download an app on your mobile device devices that allows you to post audio blogs on the move. you can also add pictures, geolocation and embed the pholog into a website of blog if you like.




issuu lets you upload and publish your own publications. you can make them publicly available using the site or you can embed them into your own site using a great looking page-turning.



(Featured image: alamodestuff)