Thai Speaking Lesson: Greetings

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Ok guys, I have started to learn Thai. I will try to post after very lesson I have. This is to review the lesson and try to remember it better, and also to share what I learn.

Vocabulary used in this post

Thai (Phonetic)ThaiEnglish
pǒm (male) / chán (female)ผม (male) ฉัน (female)I
khun คุณyou
sàbaaidiiสบายดีfeel OK
máiไหมquestion after adjective/verb
mâiไม่negative before adjective/verb
nítnòiนิดหน่อยa little bit
rûai rûai so so

Asking for a name

What is your name?My name is …
khun chûe arai khráp / khâpǒm/chán chûe Adriano khráp/khâ

To make a What? question in Thai, you add arai to the end of the sentence.

We use khráp as a way to end a polite sentence for males, and we use khâ as a polite sentence ending for a female. If you do not use khráp or khâ at the end of a sentence, it will sound rude.

If you are a male, you use pǒm for I, and if you are female, you use chán for I.

What is his/her name?His/Her name is …
kháu chûe arai khráp/ khâkháu chûe Ben khráp / khâ
What is the name of your company?The name of my company is …
khun borísàt arai khráp/khâpǒm/chán borísàt chûe Amazon khráp/khâ

Asking where someone is from

What country are you from?I am from (country) England
khun maa jàak bprà-thêet arai khráp/khâpǒm/chán maa jàak bprà-thêet ang-grìt khráp/khâ
Where are you from?I am from England
khun maa jàak thîinǎi khráp / khâpǒm/chán maa jàak ang-grìt khráp/khâ

Asking how someone is

How are you today?Today I feel OK
wanníi khun sàbaaidii mái khráp/khâwanníi pǒm/chán sàbaaidii khráp/khâ

When you add mái to the end of a sentence, it turns the sentence into a question.

(You can remove Today if you want.)

Today I don’t feel OKToday I feel a little bit not OK
wanníi pǒm/chán mâi sàbaaidii khráp/khâwanníi pǒm/chán mâi sàbaaidii nítnòi khráp/khâ

When you add mâi before an adjective it turns it into a negative sentence.

(You can remove Today if you want.)

I feel normal (not good/not bad)I feel so so
pǒm/chán thammadaa khráp/khâpǒm/chán rûai rûai khráp/khâ


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